Thisplays used & new store fixtures established in 1985 by Edward and for the next 5 years was operated on a part time basses out of a basement of a townhouse where he lived. The neighbors did not like the idea of strangers parked on a street picking up the stuff, so they complained to the authorities, which made Edward think of different options and in 1991 the company was officially registered as a corporation and acquired a warehouse with 8500sq.’ of indoor and 20.000 of outdoor space and for the next 10 years provided goods and services to businesses and individuals alike, concentrating on the quality of service and the variety of the merchandise.

In 2001, the company moved to a warehouse near by the York University and in 2011 had leased another warehouse next door, to provide more variety of store fixtures & shelving and a space for the customers, which is currently still occupied.
People at Thisplays take a great pride in what they do, by recycling and giving a second life to the items otherwise ending up on a landfill site and providing an opportunity to the individuals who are trying to succeed in the sophisticated world of business .
They also provide FREE consultations to anyone, with a purchase of the store fixtures & shelving required, for setting up a store.
And of course, anyone with mannequins, showcases and beauty salon equipment, who is considering of disposing of it, is welcome to recycle with Thisplays.
Everyone is welcome to visit the showroom & warehouse , where they will be greeted with a great deal of attention & respect.
Thank you.